With the increase of HIV, MRSA, Hepatitis B virus and cross infection, Kirsty's Chiropody Practice has produced a patients’ charter to ensure the safety of the patients attending the surgery, the Chiropodist and the staff.

  1. All instruments will be sterilised in order to prevent cross infection.
  2. The surgery chair will be disinfected between patients.
  3. Hands are washed with medicated soap.                                                                                                                                                 
  4. A full medical history of each patient is mandatory and will be taken on the first visit and records kept up to date.
  5. Patient information will be kept confidential.
  6. The foot will be disinfected before it is examined or treated.
  7. A new disposable scalpel blade is used for each new patient.
  8. All equipment, instruments, medicament's and dressings used are of the highest quality.
  9. A commitment to ongoing training to ensure the highest degree of treatment is delivered to the patient.
  10. A commitment to provide a professional, personal and outstanding Chiropody treatment to each and every patient.

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